Għaqda Ħbieb tat-Tempju Sant’Elena | VO/0776

Għaqda Ħbieb tat-Tempju Sant’Elena was set up in 1993 when an introductory meeting was held at Saint Helen’s Parish Centre.

This meeting was very well attended and the basic principles and objectives were explained by current president Emanuel Sammut.

The main aims were and still are the preservation and increasing awareness
about our cultural religious heritage.

During the first meeting a brain storming session followed wherein a list of urgent repairs and restoration projects were listed and eventually prioritised.

Actually the first project was the installation of an earth connector against lightning which included the restoration of the wind vanes on top of the bell towers.

Success was an encouragment and other much larger projects followed.

During one of the annual meetings it was decided to register the association as an NGO and this was immediately seen to.

Members of this association are of different ages and various walks of life.

Members pay a nominal annual fee of 12 Euro.  Members and non-members can donate for a particular project and a receipt for all donations is issued.

Any one interested can contact current President Emanuel Sammut on +35679201101