Conservation & Restoration Projects


  • The facade of Saint Helen’s church and the statues adorning the top cornice which had to be replaced in view of weather induced deterioration over the years.
  • The restoration of the paintings within the church including the large altar piece of our Lady or the Rosary which sustained material damage when it became dislodged from its place.
  • The six side chapels cupolas’ paintings and various other framed paintings that can be seen within the church and its museum.
  • Marble works which had been damaged over the years including a number of altars which have been conserved and restored to their original state.
  • Statues which can be found at the Basilica including the stature of Saint Joseph a polychrome wooden statue by Vincenzo Dimech and its pedestal.
  • Various silver liturgical items including incensers, reliquaries among other items.
  • The wooden antique baptismal fond canopy which will be a feature at the new museum.
  • The mid-eighteenth century church clock


  • All the paintings and frames that shall be exhibited at the museum.
  • A unique tapestry and its frame.
  • The polychrome wooden statues of Saint Constantine martyr and Our Lady of the Holy Rosary.
  • Other paintings which can be found at Saint Helen’s Basilica especially some such four paintings which have sustained material damage over the past years.

Further projects will be undertaken depending on the availability of funds.