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For Business

During Budget 2016, Government announced a new measure to encourage further partnerships between Malta’s business community and the cultural sector.

Through this measure, companies giving donations to non-profit cultural organisations, public cultural organisations or to Arts Council Malta as an intermediary on behalf of a beneficiary, may claim the amount donated at 150% against the income for the year of assessment when the donation was made. The maximum tax deduction is capped at €50,000. This incentive is effective as of 1st January 2016.

The Subsidiary Legislation 123.102 states the following:

Where, in any year of assessment, a company proves to the satisfaction of the Commissioner that it has made a cash donation to the Arts Council Malta or a cash donation to a nonprofit making cultural organisation approved by the Arts Council Malta, such donation may be claimed as a deduction against income for the year of assessment in which it is made, provided that a certificate is issued in this respect by the Arts Council Malta and that, in the case of a donation to a cultural organisation as aforesaid, such cultural organisation is not in any way related to the donor company.

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Subsidiary Legislation 123.102

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For Individuals

Any person wishing to contribute towards the objectives of our association is most welcome to do so. Any donation is appreciated and can be effected directly through Paypal.

A receipt will be issued for each donation and will include details of the project towards which such funds will be applied.